Designed & made by Peach in NYC

24-year-old artist. 


My name is Renee Monaco and I handmake shoes, clothes, and paintings in NYC. Most of the clothes for sale are recycled vintage that I made extra peachy for you. 

Confidence has always been something I am constantly striving for and for me it is my clothes, my shoes, and the space I live in that makes me feel confident. I want to feel good in what I wear and surround myself in. That is why I revamp vintage clothes - because it is better for the environment which makes me feel confident when I put my clothes on knowing I am helping out. Peach Mango Juice shoes are handmade which makes me feel great because mass production hurts the environment. Putting on shoes and clothes that I know helped the environment even just a little bit makes my confidence grow because I am doing something good for the world no matter how small or big. And these paintings just make me feel so damn good and I hope they make you feel good too :)  I make the canvases from scratch - I piece the wood together, I stretch the canvas on, and I paint my peachy booty off.