About the Artist

Welcome to the artistic world of Renee Monaco, better known as “peachmangojuice” to her 260,000 Instagram and over 2 million TikTok followers. Renee's journey into art began as a childhood passion that has evolved into a prominent facet of her online persona and professional career.

Renee holds a Bachelor's degree in Apparel Merchandising and Product Development from Bowling Green State University, complemented by studies in Marketing at the University of Westminster in London and Shoe Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Currently pursuing an MBA at Bowling Green State University, Renee's academic journey reflects her multifaceted approach to creativity and business.

For Renee, painting has always been a profound outlet for self-expression. Her move to New York City eight years ago marked a pivotal moment in her artistic development, immersing herself in the vibrant art scene of the city. Since then, Renee has seized opportunities to showcase her art in galleries across NYC, establishing herself as a dynamic presence in both the digital sphere and traditional art world.

Driven by a blend of personal passion and academic rigor, Renee Monaco continues to captivate audiences with her distinctive artistic style, exploring themes that resonate with her diverse and engaged online community. Stay tuned as Renee’s journey unfolds, blending creativity with entrepreneurship in ways that inspire and provoke thought.